DPx Gear

For those who lead a life of adventure.

You work out there, hundreds of miles from help, pushing the limits of sanity, stamina and luck. Whether your world is combat, humanitarian, rescue, survival or hunting, it is where you will find DPx Gear. DPx Gear is designed for brutal use, where there is no room for failure. Our knives are not just edged tools, they are designed and built to be hostile environment survival tools.

A company borne from adventurer Robert Young Pelton's 30+ years experience in conflict, wilderness and hard environments, its products are designed, tested and used in places like Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Burma, and many other hard, unforgiving places. The people that advise, design, test and use it are equally unforgiving. DPx Gear has also made a commitment to its customers to always listen, respect hard won experience and continually integrate new thinking, features, processes into its products to create the world's finest adventure and survival gear.

Buy your gear once, use it for life.

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