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ESEE / EXPAT Libertariat Machete

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The ESEE Knives / EXPAT Knives LIBERTARIAT MACHETE is NOT just an ordinary machete. It is a handy, compact, lightweight tool for many outdoor and survival uses. The features of this tool allow it to be used as a machete/chopper and a knife. The thickness of the blade allows the knife to be used for things like light battoning, delimbing, draw cutting, large game processing and camp kitchen duty. The handle scales are pinned AND glued for dependable use. It provides a LOT of cutting/chopping versatility at a GREAT price. This is a handy tool for anyone who spends time in the Great Outdoors.

Specifications / Features

Knife Weight - 13.1 oz

Overall Length - 14"

Tang - Full Exposed

Handle Material - Walnut

Blade Steel - SAE 1075

Blade Length - 9"

Blade Width (Spine to Cutting Edge) - 2"

Blade Thickness - .125"

Blade Finish - Black Hammered

Handle Length - 5"

Other Feature - Draw Knife Hole

Other Feature - Lanyard Hole

Other Feature - 90 Degree Spine For Ferro Rod Striking

Other Feature - Limited Run of 550

A canvas and nylon sheath is included.


Blade Finish:
Blade Steel:
1075 Carbon
Blade Thickness:
.125 in.
Cutting Edge Length:
9 in.
Handle Material:
Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
El Salvador
Canvas and Nylon
Weight Without Sheath:
16 oz (With Sheath)

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customer reviews

  • Review from Jay J.

    Jay J.

    I am extremely impressed with my ESEE Expat Knives Libertariat Machete, it feels great in hand, the build quality is what you would expect from ESEE. The cutting edge came relatively sharp, a little work on a stone produced a razor edge. I see my use of this machete as being a constant companion on any camping trip, and for around the house use.

  • Review from Excellent Camp Machete!

    Excellent Camp Machete!

    I took this on a short excursion and beat on various woods from making kindling to processing firewood. Perfect size for backpacking. Great for processing food too. Excellent tool!!

  • Review from Matt


    The description says a light tropical machete.
    But I live in Illinois and took this thing and sharpened it razor sharp then took it and beat on oak and hickory saplings. The smaller went through with one chop.
    Inch or two diameter went through with 2 or 3 hits. I beat on it for 15 minutes
    And took it back inside and sliced a piece of paper with no resistance. This is now my favorite machete. The handle was a little dry so I put some walnut oil
    On it and the blade needed a little fine stone work and some polishing to get
    Shaving sharp but this is definitely a five star knife for the price. Great job ESEE and expat.

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