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TKC Pocket Pal 6.25 Pocket Sheath with Belt Loop - Brown

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The TKC Pocket Pal 6.25 is a medium-sized pocket sheath. It features rounded corners with the bottom of the sheath being rounded making it easier to insert and retrieve from your pocket. A unique feature of this sheath is that it will do double duty as there is a loop on the back for belt carry if you wish! It carries very well and you will find it quite versatile. The Pocket Pal 6.25 is perfect for knives in the 6 - 7 inch range. This would include knives such as: ESEE Izula and Izula II (and similar knives) and LT Wright Knives Frontier Valley, Small Workhorse, Bushbaby, Small Northern Hunter and others.

The Pocket Pal 6.25 has a side pocket that is perfect for a small flashlight, firesteel, match box, marker or other items. The Pocket Pal 6.25 will sit comfortably in your front or rear pocket. It measure 3 1/2" at the widest point and is 6.25" long.



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