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TKC StropStick Sharpening Kit

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The StropStick Sharpening Kit is designed to be held naturally and comfortably during use.


1. The curves of the handle accommodates the natural curve of your thumb and provides a comfortable place for your fingers.

2. The smooth leather finish helps to prevent edge rolling and produce an even edge.

3. The wide profile accommodates large knives.

4. Constructed of Poplar wood to be strong enough to provide years of service but lighter in weight for packing and carrying.

5. Thin profile to make it easier to pack and carry.

6. The compound is enclosed in a cardboard cylinder for protection, to keep your hands clean and reduce mess.

7. To use the compound, just peel back the cardboard on the end and apply to the StropStick

8. The StropStick has leather on both sides which will accommodate two different compound grits.

Kit includes: StropStick, a cylinder of black (more course) compound, a cylinder of green (less course) compound and instructions. This is everything you need to efficiently keep your convex edged knives hair popping sharp!

The StropStick is 12" long and the leather is 2 1/2" X 7 3/4".


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  • Review from Mason Banks

    Mason Banks

    to start the shipping was very fast and prompt.
    This is the first strop stick i have ever ordered i've alwayse made my own so all options have been at my disposal, it came with both sides smooth side up, i would have liked to have at least 1 side rough side up.
    I like the way the compound comes wraped in cardboard, no cracks or breaks. not sure if all compound is created equal but the green i just dont know about yet but i do like the way the black works.

    All in all i would recomend this product.

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