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#12 Leather Backer, BLACK | For ESEE Ontario ESEE-3/RAT-3/ESEE-4 and More

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Fresh from the drawing board, TKC brings you a brand new leather backer, optimal for the below listed knife sheaths, and many other sheaths with 1.5" Vertical MOLLE hole spacings, and 2" horizontal hole spacings (see pictures). The Chicago screw may be left in for use with a carabiner drop loop, such as the Casstrom D-Ring and danger loop (pictured), or the Chicago screw may be removed for belt carry.


TKC RAT-3/ESEE-3 Kydex

ESEE-3 Plastic

ESEE-4 Plastic

ESEE-4 Kydex

and many more

Does NOT fit:

ESEE-5, 6

OKC RAT-5, 7

other large sheaths of similar width

Theincluded rubber washers go between the leather back and the sheath.

Fits belts up to 2" in width

Made from heavy top grain leather to last for years.

For right and left hand carry.

Attaching hardware is included.



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  • Review from Michael


    I chose a #12 leather back because the tech-lock rode too high, most of the nylon stuff is thin and floppy, and the Kydex loops I found still set the knife pommel well above the belt. I placed the leather backer in a way that the belt loop came aprox. 3/8" from the end of the handle. The upper most nickle plated piece is the only Chicago screw; the other three are actually rivets. I'm going to remove the screw and replace it with a leather strap and button snap. This should give me a secure mount for the handle, keeping it close to the body. I find the #12 black leather back to be a high quality and well designed piece. I chose the no loop option because I already have the Kydex loop. Included are plenty of black Chicago screws and some spacers to mount onto a TKC sheath.

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