Fällkniven AB In Brief

We are a genuine family firm, with roots deep in the soil of Norrbotten (in Sweden). We have hunted and fished for decades, and know from experience how a knife should work. The company was founded in 1984 and today we are considered one of the world's foremost knife specialists. We began developing our own knives in 1987 and this is now the main operation at Fällkniven AB.

Design Philosophy

Each knife is the result of years of hard work and testing. Besides our own tests, we commission Luleå University of Technology to test the breaking strength of our knives – see our website. This means that you can rely on our knives, even in extreme situations. We are the only firm in the world that only uses exclusive special steel, which assures that our knives are of the highest level of quality.

Two Things That Set Fallkniven Knives Apart

One thing that sets Fallkniven knives apart is the very functional designs exhibited in both the fixed blade and folding blade lines. Years of experience have been employed to produce these very fine cutting instruments.

Another thing that sets Fallkniven knives apart is the types of steel used & the way the steel is constructed. Fallkniven knives feature some very innovative ways to structure the steel such as laminating two types of steel to produce a blade that is tough and will hold a very sharp edge.

Check out the Fallkniven lines of knives… I think that you will be very impressed!