Knife Cleaning And Care

  • Sentry Solutions Marine Tuf-Cloth Sentry Solutions Marine Tuf-Cloth
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    Sentry Solutions Marine Tuf-Cloth

    List price: $16.95

    Protect Your Knives Against RustUnlike oil-based products, TUF-CLOTHs and TUF-GLIDE repel dust and dirt rather than attract it. Treated knife blades are dry to the touch instead of having a slippery film like silicone. TUF Products give all your knives a...

  • ESEE Maintenance Kit ESEE Maintenance Kit
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    ESEE Maintenance Kit

    List price: $79.14

    The ESEE Knives Maintenance Kit gives you items to maintain your ESEE knife, sheath and more. Included are two EZE-LAP Diamond Hone and Stone, one with fine grit and one with medium grit, RedEyedHog B-Fat in an easy to use .5 ounce lip balm style tube...


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