Fiddleback Forge

Andy Roy has developed a unique way of blending style and function into his knives. Andy is a tool maker, and focuses significant effort on handle designs. His signature handle styles have been a key part of his success. When picking up one of Andy's knives, you may agree that it is the most comfortable handle you've ever held. Much though goes into every handle design, so that the knife can be held in a variety of positions comfortably and do heavy blade work for an extended period of time. Andy is also a firm believer that the handle has to index the knife in your hand, so that however you hold it, you will always know where the edge is without having to look. This is very important when doing work with a knife in areas where you cannot see the blade such as when reaching inside the body cavity of a large animal when field dressing it. Andy's knives look great, are comfortable to use, perform great, and are durable!

Fiddleback Forge Knives was started in 2007 as a hobby, but has grown into a full time career for maker, Andy Roy. In 2010 he was honored to be inducted in the Georgia Knifemakers Guild. Any is without a doubt a true craftsman and takes great pride in his work. We are pleased to offer the Fiddleback Forge line of fine custom knives to you, and know that you will be pleased to own one!

NOTE: Due to the fact that these knives are handmade, specifications may vary slightly.

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