Our Top 3 Best-Selling TOPS Knives for Sale

Oct 19 2021 - 6:02

When you are searching for the right knife for you, it’s no secret that you want and deserve the best of the best. You don’t want something that is brittle, undependable, and, to be honest, uncomfor … read more

5 Most Popular Types of Outdoor Knives

Aug 25 2021 - 1:39

When you are searching for the perfect knife for your outdoor activities, then you need to choose a knife that suits them and you. You need a knife that performs the cuts required in a professional … read more

Our Top 5 Custom Knives For Sale

Aug 21 2021 - 1:37

Having a knife that fits so perfectly in your hand and cuts smoothly and quickly is an experience everyone should have. The right knife leads to comfortability and efficiency. Why wouldn’t everybod … read more

Find the Best Custom Knives Right Here

Aug 11 2021 - 3:14

When it comes to knives, there are tons of options available online. Here at The Knife Connection we are constantly searching for new, high quality knives to offer our customers. This includes alwa … read more

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