A Look at Our Bradford Knives

Jul 13 2021 - 5:53

When it comes to knives, it is hard to beat the quality and attention to detail that you get when you choose products made by smaller manufacturers. If you are looking for a great knife from a relia … read more

We Have Great EDC Knives for Sale

Jul 6 2021 - 8:10

As many knife enthusiasts already know, a good knife is one of the most valuable tools that one can carry. That is why so many people make a knife one of the items that they carry on their person ev … read more

We Have Custom Bushcraft Knives for Sale

Jun 8 2021 - 7:41

Now that the weather is warming up, more and more people are enjoying some time in the woods. The woods are starting to team with life again, with trees and shrubs sending out new growth. This means … read more

Adding Custom Knife Handles to Your Knives

Jun 1 2021 - 7:22

Here at The Knife Connection, we are dedicated to offering our customers the best knives and outdoor gear. With an incredible selection and the help of our amazing customers, we have grown into one … read more

Have You Checked Out Our Condor Knives?

May 5 2021 - 7:43

When it comes to buying a knife, you need to make sure that you're looking at trusted manufacturers. That's part of what makes Condor Knives such a great option. With over two centuries of … read more

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