Architect Knives

Architect Knives is a unique brand of Knives and Knife Accessories that is unlike anything you have seen before.

Architect™ Knives are sold with a focus on building a knife system rather than a single knife (although purchasing only a knife is also possible). Architect™ Knives are unique in part due to the extensive ability to customize your knife package beginning with a handle color choice, sheath style and color, followed by a plethora of optional accessories. All of this is done in a few simple steps within our exclusive knife builder web app.

Architect™ Knife Accessories are available for our Architect™ AK series of knives, as well as several other knife brands including Ontario Knives, Becker Knives, and ESEE Knives. Some of the most popular custom products we offer include Knife Handle Kits, Knife Sheaths, and Knife Blade Sharpeners.

Constantly innovating, Architect Knives is committed to bringing you exclusive products that are unique, practical, and affordable.

We listen to and value the feedback from our our customers and product users. Your feedback helps fine-tune the direction of our product development and features. If you have a product suggestion, please drop us a note and let us know. Please understand that due to the high development costs involved, we cannot do "1-of" requests for knife handles or sheaths. We develop new custom products based on popularity.

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