Karesuando Kniven

155 miles north of the Arctic Circle, along the same latitude as middle Greenland and the northernmost regions of Canada. The village was founded with its first permanent house in 1670. Reindeer husbandry is one of the area’s most important industries and Karesuando lies within the Könkämä sameby reindeer-herding area.

The knives and axes we craft in Karesuando are adapted to our environment of the barren, arctic climate, Northern Lights and Midnight Sun. We make genuine products that are shaped by centuries of handicraft traditions and natural raw materials.

Karesuando Kniven knives and axes are made to be dependable even in the harsh conditions of the Arctic region.

Since 1975 we have manufactured over 200,000 knives and over 1 million blades.

What makes a good knife and axe? We believe that they need to exceed the user’s expectations and needs and it boils down to the quality in materials and workmanship.

We have been manufacturing knives for over 35 years and we are proud to produce all the components that go in to our products, which gives us the confidence to provide our customers with a 10 year warranty.

Please note: Since Karesuando Kniven products are handmade, the specifications may slightly vary.