Since it's founding 138 years ago, the tree has been Boker's trademark as it's symbol of uncompromising quality. A real chestnut tree growing near the plant gave Heinrich Böker® the idea to choose this symbol to represent Boker's quality. During the early years, Böker sent knives to areas where many people could not read the company's name and so the brand became known as the "Tree Brand".

Boker is known around the globe as one of the world's premier knife makers and is the leading knife maker in Europe. An uncompromising commitment to excellence in every aspect of knife making is very evident when you examine one of their knives whether it is from their Solingen, Germany or Argentina facility. One thing is sure, when you purchase a Boker knife, you are getting real value for your dollar.

Invest in a Boker knife and enjoy the benefits of owning a quality cutting tool for years to come.