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Fallkniven: F1 (3G Steel), Fixed Blade Knife w/ Thermorun Handle & Leather Sheath

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With this knife a new world standard is being set! Important factors such as technical design, ergonomy and economy are brought together within the model F1, and represent the foremost concept available today. The knife meets and surpasses by far established international standards for strength, personal security and value for money.

Mod. F1 is the official survival knife for pilots within the Swedish Air Force since 1995.

Mod. F1 represents an entirely new philosophy with respect to knives for survival use. At the same time it combines the experience of generations of knife manufacturing with modern technology. The handy size, the well thought-out design, the incredibly tough laminated steel are only a few of many details making this knife something you can rely on.

Mod. F1 is a handy knife and is tremendously versatile. The safe, pleasant grip together with a very hard yet tough laminated steel, makes the knife very useful for all kind of daily work but also demanding tasks. Includes an all-covering pouch type, which safely houses the entire knife while keeping dirt and debris out of the sheath.

History Of The F1 3G Steel:

Many years ago, when we began the development of our now famous knife series Tre Kronor, we wanted to test something new: A completely unknown laminate powder steel. Our own tests went well, but we also wanted to test the steel on the open market in order, so to speak, to be on the safe side. So, we manufactured 110 F1-knives using this 3G steel, knives which were then sold all over the world. The reactions were, to say the least, positive. And so we could start manufacturing our most exclusive knife series.

Limited Edition:

What we hadnメt counted on however was that the market was never going to forget our bestselling F1 with this super steel - ever since this test series appeared we have received inquiries from all over the world whether it is possible to buy the F1/3G. Evidently, the combination of pleasant design and true super steel was something people could not get over! Therefore, to mark our 25th anniversary, we are now launching a limited series of 1,000 F1/3G knives. They are due to go on sale in summer 2009. The knife will only be manufactured with a shiny blade, and one characteristic is the special logotype with two crowns on either side of the oval which marks the unique edition.

New Production:

Demand has been so strong that another run is being done in 2011. This is a very limited run and it is expected that they will sell out quite quickly.


Blade Finish:
Blade Length:
3 13/16 in. (9.68 cm)
Blade Steel:
3G Laminated Stainless
Blade Thickness:
3/16 in. (4.77 mm)
Blade Type:
Drop Point
Full Convex
Handle Material:
Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
Knife Weight:
6 oz
Sweden & Japan
Overall Length:
8 1/4 in. (20.95 cm)
62 HRC
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  • Review from Fred


    Fallkniven F1 might look simple but it is what you need and nothing more, in a zen-way. Fallkniven simply avoided to add the features you get annoyed about after a month in the woods. High tech top quality steel, durable grippy grip and a nice leather sheeth that will look better every year.

    Sweden is one of the worlds oldest and best steelmakers in the world. Japan is the king on the other side of the globe, and here is a fusion...

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