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TOPS Knives C.U.B. (Compact Utility Blade) CUB-01 - Bead Blast Blade Finish - Hunters Point - Tan Canvas Micarta Handle / Includes Mini Survival Kit

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The (TOPS) C.U.B. (Compact Utility Blade) was designed to be a compact, lightweight sidekick to a machete/bolo/parang in the jungle or a tomahawk/ax in North America, capable of performing all the important utility duties of camp craft and food preparation, while leaving the heavy work for the chopping tools. With an emphasis on compact, keeping the total blade length under 4" makes it legal in most states and countries. I designed the C.U.B. with two of my favorite styles of knives in mind, a Finish Puukko (with a Scandinavian grind) and Kephart style knife. Put them in a blender and you have the TOPS C.U.B. - rugged simplicity!

-Reuben Bolieu, Designer

The TOPS C.U.B. comes with Tan Canvas Micarta scales with divot for bow drill, TOPS famous modified Scandi grind, and Chicago screws for easy field removal if needed. A high quality ballistic nylon sheath with removeable top flap and pouch is included.


Razor blade

3 Barrel fire starter

P-38 can opener

Steel snap link

Fresnel lens

HD rubber band

Sail needle

2 Safety pins

25 Feet of fishing line

2 Fish hooks


12 Feet of orange trail tape

Signal mirror


Blade Finish:
Bead Blasted
Blade Length:
3.75 in.
Blade Steel:
1095 Carbon
Blade Thickness:
.130 in.
Blade Type:
Hunters Point
Low Saber
Handle Material:
Tan Canvas Micarta
Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
Knife Weight:
5.2 oz
Overall Length:
8 in.
56-58 HRC
Ballistic Nylon
Unique Features:
Mini Survival Kit
Weight With Sheath:
9.2 oz

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