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ESEE-4HM, Black Plain Edge Blade, Modified Handle w/ Green Canvas Micarta Scales - Leather Sheath

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The ESEE Knives Series 4 knife with Modified Handle is designed more to be an outdoor knife for such tasks as field dressing game and other field-craft work. The modified version does not have the finger choil and the handle design has been changed making it longer and more round shaped. The cutting part of the blade has the same dimensions as the ESEE Knives tactical 4 series knife and all of the metal is powder coated as as well. It comes with a leather belt sheath.

Comes packaged in a heavy plastic bag.


Blade Finish:
Textured Powder Coat
Blade Steel:
1095 Carbon
Blade Thickness:
.187 in.
Blade Type:
Drop Point
Cutting Edge Length:
4.1 in.
Handle Material:
Green Canvas Micarta
Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
Knife Weight:
7.7 oz
Overall Length:
8.8 in.
57 HRC

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customer reviews

  • Review from Mark Edwards

    Mark Edwards

    I believe this will be my go to deer skinner from here on out. Handle fits my hand good and the feel is just right.Sharpened with my KME Precision sharpener and it will shave the hair off anything.Probably will get the HM6 next time. Definitely worth the price! Buy with enthusiasm!!

  • Review from Thomas


    First off, I want to say that the shipping that your company does it the best I have dealt with by far. I placed my order on a Saturday and received it on Monday and that's with the free shipping. Keep up the great job. The ESEE 4HM is another great knife from ESEE I have four ESEE 4's, two 6's, a 3 and an Izula 2. When I need another ESEE I will be ordering from you guys. Again, great job.

  • Review from Eaghan Allen

    Eaghan Allen

    I ordered this knife on friday (at about 8:30 pm) and recieved it today (monday). so the shipping is rediculously fast ! i just sold my Esee 4 with TKC handles in order to get this one which suits my more traditional bushcraft look. the only complaint is the blade coating, it will be stripped and patina'd asap. other than that, its wayy more comfortable that the 4 with scales from here. loving it !!!

  • Review from Kyle


    Before I even touch on the knife, I'd like to mention that ordering through The Knife Connection was an extremely pleasant affair! I placed the order for this knife and a strop on a Wednesday, and had them both by that Friday. Along with the free shipping, I couldn't ask for any better!

    Anyways, on to the knife. This is my first "real" knife, aside from a hand-me-down lockback folder and a Mora Companion. Out of the package, I was very impressed by the comfort and heft. The handle is more comfortable than my Mora, which is surprising since it is actually less contoured. The weight is substantial (at least relative to any other knife I've handled) but certainly not cumbersome. It's worth noting that the balance is rather handle heavy however.

    The edge came razor sharp out of the box. When I set out for initial testing however, the edge geometry was not to my liking, as it was set up more for chopping and prying as opposed to finer carving. To fix this and also make it truly my own, I spent some time on the Japanese water stones thinning and convexing the edge. This was very easy due to the steel being 1095!. The final product is a polished zero-edge convex ESEE 4HM. I went back to testing it with some fairly rough chopping and battoning in addtion to whittling and shaving, and I noticed no loss in edge retention or chipping/rolling of any sort. I even used it to pry a jammed bullet out of a Luger chamber with no ill effects.

    The leather sheath this knife is supplied with is very nice, if a bit stiff at first. Its retention is great and rides at the perfect height on the hip. Also to note, a paracord lanyard comes on the knife already! i was not expecting this and was pleasantly surprised!

    In short, I think this is an excellent product worth a purchase. All considered, the price is fair, and I am very pleased with my knife!

  • Review from Tony Remley

    Tony Remley

    They nailed it by getting rid of the choil and giving us a longer handle with a broomstick shape. Awesome! Sheath is great as well. Good job ESEE!

  • Review from Anders Öberg

    Anders Öberg

    I used to own a ESEE 4 but sold it because I did not like it. Decided to try the HM version and I am really glad I did! This is an excellent knife. I did however sand and polish the micarta scales so that they are nice and smooth. Made them look really nice too!

    The sheath is very nice with high quality leather and the fit and finish is perfect. A simple construction and design that I wish that Bark River would use instead of their current designs...

    It is hard to find a better knife for the money than the ESEE 4HM!

  • Review from Eric


    Esee is great folks making great products. The 4HM is my new favorite knife. If I could have one knife for camping, hunting and bushcraft, this would undoubtedly be it. The handle mod is very comfortable in the hand, the leather sheath is a welcomed addition and the knife has the typical high quality workmanship we've all come to expect from Esee. This is a great knife at a great price.

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