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ESEE Maintenance Kit

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The ESEE Knives Maintenance Kit gives you items to maintain your ESEE knife, sheath and more. Included are two EZE-LAP Diamond Hone and Stone, one with fine grit and one with medium grit, RedEyedHog B-Fat in an easy to use .5 ounce lip balm style tube. B-Fat can be used as a fire starter, knife/tool steel protectant, cast iron seasoner, leather and wood protectant, and even skin balm. Also included is a Randall's Adventure and Training tin with two packs of hardware for knife handles and sheaths and two Allen wrenches . The Maintenance Kit comes in a Khaki colored ballistic nylon pouch with a plastic snap fastener. The pouch can be fastened onto the ESEE 5, 6 and Laser Strike knife sheaths. Measures 3" X 6.5". Weighs 6.9 ounces. Made in the U.S.A.



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