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Fallkniven: S1 (VG10 Steel), Fixed Blade Knife w/ Thermorun Handle & Leather Sheath

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S1 The Forest Knife is probably the best hunting and fishing knife ever made. Its sturdy blade made of the new extremely strong stainless laminate VG10 custom steel is convex grounded for extra strong cutting power with no risk for edge breakage. The modified clippoint design works well for penetrating purposes, the long curved edge is ideal for skinning. The blade is long enough for lighter chopping and won't break, its full 5 mm (0.2") thick!

The checkered handle gives a good grip even when your hands are cold or wet. A sturdy Zytel belt sheath is included.

Like all our models, the S1 Forest Knife is well tested before release, you will find no teething problems. If you're looking for total quality, a classic knife from Fallkniven, is your answer. Try the S1 Forest Knife, you won't be disappointed!


Blade Finish:
Blade Length:
5 1/8 in. (20.63 cm)
Blade Steel:
VG-10 Laminated Stainless
Blade Thickness:
3/16 in. (4.77 mm)
Blade Type:
Modified Clip Point
Saber Convex
Handle Material:
Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
Knife Weight:
6.7 oz
Sweden & Japan
Overall Length:
9 3/4 in. (24.76 cm)
59 HRC
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  • Review from Rocky Mountain

    Rocky Mountain

    Has been a good knife for me. Robust blade, but with the convex edge it moves nicely through wood. I've used it to gut fish and as long as it's sharp it does fine. Wouldn't be my first choice for skinning and gutting large game, but it would do the job. Unlike the carbon steel in most of my other knives, it's been very resistant to rust. I usually can't stand cheap factory sheaths, but this sheath is very utilitarian. Have felt no need to purchase an aftermarket one like I usually do for other knives. I wish the finger guard were a little more pronounced, but that's my only real complaint. I like the handle. I prefer to sharpen it on a mouse pad with sand paper to maintain the convex. If I have to sharpen in it in the field, I'll put a micro bevel on it and then hit the mouse pad when I get home to restore the convex. All in all one of my favorites.

  • Review from Oldie Moldy

    Oldie Moldy

    First: The knife Connection folks were simply outstanding.
    Now the knife: The S-1 has a great reputation among the "Bushcraft" enthusiasts. Actually using it I'm puzzled how that came about. The blade is very thick, making a cut, I found the sides binding the progress of the cut. No matter what I was cutting the friction from the sides of the blade kept the actual edge from easily reaching the uncut portion. Most of the cutting effort was expended "shouldering" aside the cut material. Frustrating.
    The handle: It feels much like holding a small oval pipe. It might be sized for a child's hand. The science of ergonomics seems to have been ignored in fitting this handle to the human hand. I will be wrapping the handle with something to fill it out to something that is able to be griped comfortably. A tool that doesn't fit your hand is no tool at all. Given the pre-fabricated nature of the handle the manufacturer could have given us a choice of three handle sizes.
    The leather sheath seems to be well made and hangs comfortably. Unfortunately by the time I get the handle wrapped to where it fits an adult, it probably won't slip into the sheath anymore.
    Well, it has been a learning experience.

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