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LT Wright Knives: Forest Trail (Scandi Grind) Fixed Blade Knife w/ Black Canvas Micarta Handle - Matte Finish

Lifetime Against Defects
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The very popular L. T. Wright Handcrafted Knives Forest Trail knife is a premium knife designed for discriminating users who demand the finest. The Forest Trail has been on the market for some time now and raving reviews continue to come in from satisfied users.

The Forest Trail is a collaboration effort between theknifeconnection.net and L. T. Wright Handcrafted Knives and it is offered exclusively by theknifeconnection.net. Each knife and the matching sheath are hand made in the USA using the finest materials with careful attention given to each one during the building process.

Dale, The Knife Connection's owner, had a goal to produce a heavy duty, medium-sized knife for bushcraft needs such as batoning, shelter building, small delimbing tasks etc. He also wanted this knife to be versatile enough for general field use such as large game field dressing, carcass break-down, and skinning. To that end, the blade features a long narrow point that is near the centerline of the knife. This is great for drilling tasks, and for more delicate work, but the blade also has enough belly for tasks such as slicing and skinning.

One of the major design goals was to have one of the most comfortable and versatile handles on the market. We believe that we have achieved this goal. The handle design provides for a firm, comfortable grip, in a variety of hold positions.

A heavy duty leather dangler sheath is included. The dangler can be removed so the knife can be carried in the "high ride" position if desired.

Whether you are breaking a moose carcass down in the Northwest Territories, building a survival shelter in the Blue Ridge Mountains or cutting netting on a military mission, the dependable Forest Trail knife will get the job done quickly, comfortably and efficiently.

About A2 Carbon Steel
AISI A2 is a carbon steel with the addition of 5% chromium and 1.1% molybdenum, allowing it to quench in still air (A for Air.) While stainless amounts of chromium (12% or more) make tool steel gummy and hard to sharpen, the modest amount of chromium in A2 improves its toughness and abrasion resistance, but imparts only a slight measure of corrosion resistance (like high carbon steel, it will rust and appropriate preventative care must be taken.) During heat treatment the chromium addition combines with some of the carbon in the alloy to form chromium carbides: tough, hard particles dispersed through the steel. These carbides are the primary contributors to A2's celebrated edge retention. A2 is one of the steels that responds well to cryogenic treatment. This extreme cold treatment (-320 degrees F) essentially finishes the original quench, increasing the Steel's toughness without any decrease in hardness. You get increased wear resistance without any increase in brittleness so a cryogenically treated blade will hold its edge longer. You can keep working instead of sharpening. A2 is a great steel that offers a real improvement in edge retention over some of the simpler carbon steels.


Blade Length:
5 in.
Blade Steel:
A2 Tool Steel
Blade Thickness:
5/32 in.
Blade Type:
Drop Point
Handle Material:
Black Canvas Micarta
Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
Knife Weight:
9.1 oz
Overall Length:
10 in.
57-59 HRC

customer reviews

  • Review from que brown

    que brown

    This is the best knife I own I like it better then the genesis and the bushcrafter which are both great knives as well dale and Lt may have designed the best bushcraft knife with the forest trail

  • Review from oldie moldy

    oldie moldy

    This is one serious knife. Reminds me of the expression "Tough as boiled Owls." If you're out woods running and you need a knife you can depend on, this is the one. This absolute dependability comes at a weight cost, what with the slab of steel that forms the the knife. But then you knew that you wouldn't get something for nothing, right?
    I find the handle to be very comfortable and secure of grip. I got the matte finish and I'm glad I did, nice and smooth but no slipping either.
    The sheath is well made and holds the knife securely, I'm still on the fence about that dangling business. That's a lot of knife to be swinging around on my hip. Maybe I just need time to get used to it.

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