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Adirondack Leather Pocket Sheath with Pocket - Brown

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This sheath is designed to allow the pocket carry of any of Bark River's small knives--Little Creek, PSK, Lil' Tusk, Mikros, etc. How much knife sticks out the top depends on the knife. The Sheath is tapered which allows it to sit in the front or back pocket perfectly. It doesn't move around or allow the knife to turn over. Because of the design, it doesn't "print" in your pants, so no one will know you have your BRKT knife handy. The second pocket can hold a variety of items... a Flashlight, Large Pocket Knife, Tinder, etc. Made from top grain cow hide and expertly glued and stitched to provide years of service. The Sheath is 3.5" wide and 5.25" tall.


Brown Leather

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