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Bark River Knives: Essential EDC (With Bolster) Fixed Blade Knife w/ Green Canvas Micarta Handle & Red Liners

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The Bark River Knives Essential EDC was designed and built to be the best fixed-blade, everyday carry knife on the market. The goal given to Mike Stewart (the owner of Bark River Knives) was to design and build this knife to exceed the performance of any every day carry knife on the market, regardless of cost.

The Bark River Knives Essential EDC measures 6.5" overall (just a little longer than a dollar bill) with a 2.75" blade made of ultra-premium CPM M4 steel which achieves an incredible 63-64 HRC for unparalleled edge retention.

A fixed blade everyday carry knife has some distinct advantages over a folding EDC such as: being stronger and easier to clean as well as not being limited by folding/locking mechanisms. The fixed version is also at the ready with one hand deployment without the necessity to open or fold prior to use.

The Bark River Knives Essential EDC is a knife built for all users for a multitude of purposes. BRK has used the best materials to craft this soon-to-be legend in a style that is sure to be an instant classic. The lines on this knife are stunning and two fullers down each side add to the look of the knife while minimizing weight slightly at the same time.

There were two versions produced of the Essential Every Day Carry Knife, one with a stainless steel bolster and one without. Regardless of which one you choose, you will be very pleased with the form AND function of this fantastic Every Day Carry Knife!

A stylish leather carry sheath is included.

About CPM M4 Steel

While knives made from this high performance, premium steel cost more than some others, the benefits are many and worth it.

CPM M4 high speed steel is an extremely versatile high speed steel which provides a unique combination of high wear resistance with high impact toughness and transverse bend strength. A large volume of vanadium carbides provides the high wear resistance. The high impact toughness and high transverse bend strength are results of the fine grain size, small carbides, and superior cleanliness of the powder metallurgy (CPM) microstructure. CPM M4 offers improved cutting tool life compared to conventionally wrought M1, M2, M7 and other lower-alloyed high speed steels. CPM M4 also excels in cold work tooling applications where it provides better toughness and wear resistance than high-carbon, high-chromium die steels such as D2 and D3.


Blade Finish:
Blade Length:
2.7 in.
Blade Steel:
Blade Thickness:
.141 in.
Blade Type:
Drop Point
Full Convex
Handle Material:
Green Canvas Micarta
Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
Knife Weight:
4.6 oz
Overall Length:
6.2 in.
63-64 HRC

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