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Bark River Knives: Firesteel, Ocher Spalted Maple Handle

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Bark River Firesteels are the large Swedish Firesteels design with custom handles that match Bark River Knives.

These custom made firesteels use genuine Light My Fire Firesteels with a Bark River handle.

The rod is 3/8" in diameter and they will fit the Bark River Bushcraft sheaths and other sheaths with a 3/8" firesteel loop.

Bark River Knives Firesteels are durable and will last up to 12,000 strikes.

They produce a 5,500 degree spark and are designed to work in adverse conditions even when wet.

How To Use A Firesteel

1. Get a small amount of dry grass, tissue or other easily ignited material and make a small pile.

2. (a) Grip the FireSteel with one hand (b) Take hold of the striker with the other hand (c) Position the striker (hack saw blade, knife spine, sizzers etc.) against the FireSteel rod just below the handle (d) Place the tip of the rod near the pile of material

3. While firmly holding the striker against the rod, pull the firesteel back.


Handle Material:
Ocher Spalted Maple

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