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Becker Knife & Tool (Ka-Bar), Short Drop Point-BK16 Fixed Blade Knife w/ Grivory Handle

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Here is the long awaited Becker Knives Short Drop Point commonly known in the knife world as a "Tweener". Ethan Becker designed this knife which has been a culmination of his 50 year interest in knives. It's a great mid-sized knife that will handle most common outdoor tasks with ease. It's nimble enough to handle close woodworking yet robust enough to handle batoning when it's time to start a fire. The thumb grooves provide for excellent blade control and are not too aggressive so you don't have to worry about getting a sore thumb. The handle is contoured nicely which makes it very comfortable and provides for a sure grip. The large lanyard hole is designed so the lanyard will not be between your hand and the handle so you will not develop a sore spot on your hand. The blade features a full flat grind. This is a great knife for large game hunting and small to medium-sized bushcraft chores. Another nice feature is that it is very reasonably priced!

Includes a black AND brown set of handle scales.

The included sheath is made from ballistic nylon and has a plastic insert for the blade. It is MOLLE compatable and includes an accessories pocket on the front.


Blade Finish:
Textured Powder Coat
Blade Length:
4 3/8 in. (11.11 cm)
Blade Steel:
1095 Cro-Van
Blade Thickness:
5/32 in. (3.97 mm)
Blade Type:
Drop Point
Handle Material:
Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
Knife Made in USA, Sheath Made in China
Overall Length:
9 1/4 in. (23.49 cm)
56-58 HRC
Cordura with Plastic Liner
Thumb Jimping

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  • Review from Oldie Moldy

    Oldie Moldy

    Again, my thanks to Dale, who continues to make buying from him a pleasure!

    Now, the knife. Very little on this knife will strike you as "beautiful", it's virtue is in how well it works.
    The handle shape fits your hand like a drink of cool water on a hot day. Because it fits your hand, not only is it comfortable but safer as well in that the hand is fitted into the grip and remains centered in use. I was curious how well the surface of the handle would resist slipping when my hands were wet. With wet soapy hands I had no problem. I suppose if someone was worried they could dimple the surface of the Givory sides with a fine nail set. By the way, I looked up "Givory" on Google and it's very, very tough stuff!

    When you first look at the blade, the first thing that hits your eye is this funny coating sandpaper stuff??? I guess it will protect the blade from rust but at what a cost actually using the knife. I used a small pocket whetstone to sand the surface down until it is as smooth as velvet. I left the coating unmolested under the handle, no reason to remove it from there. The coating would have resisted any cutting motion and acted to trap souring food particles. When camping I really don't need any gastric upset adventures!
    For me, the blade fits just perfectly between my old pocket knife and my axe providing a complete range of cutting tools while camping. I really like the thumb groves on top of the blade.
    The flat grind, giving you a narrow wedge, is perfect to dress to a very sharp edge. I carry an axe for firewood, my knife is for cutting.

    I never met a nylon sheath that I liked and this one is no different. But it does seem well made and will work. It has two retaining snap/tabs and you had better use both of them as the knife will freely slide out without them.
    Wouldn't it be an improvement to offer you a choice of what kind of sheath you wanted for your knife when you bought it? I'd have been more than willing to pay more for a made-to-fit Kydex sheath.
    I'll be making a leather sheath for this great little knife soon. Anybody want a slightly used nylon sheath?

    Despite the crap coating on the blade and the made in China sheath this blade deserves five stars!!

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