3 Tips for Choosing the Right Leather Sheath for You

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Leather Sheath for You

Jun 26 2023 - 2:39

So you finally found the right knife for you. The next step is finding the perfect knife sheath. Leather is a classic sheath material that many knife enthusiasts have gravitated toward for decades. You’ll discover why in the blog below. Continue reading to explore what makes a leather sheath superior and three tips to use to find the right one.

Why Choose a Leather Sheath?

You should make leather your first choice for your knife sheath for three solid reasons.

  1. It looks good
  2. It’s incredibly durable
  3. It won’t dull the blade

This sheath material has been around for decades and is flexible and soft. Vegetable-tanned leather is the premier option because it will prevent blade corrosion. The combination of strength and flexibility is why leather sheaths aren’t going anywhere.

Look at the Grip

The knife should not fall out when you tip the sheath upside down. You shouldn’t find yourself in a situation where you’ll be upside down with the knife, but this ability stops your blade from becoming lost, damaged, or dropped.

When you’re out shopping for leather knife sheaths for sale, ensure you test the grip. You never know when you’ll experience something unexpected. If you’re carrying an outdoor survival knife, it should have a way of locking into the sheath. Look at deep pocket-style sheaths, which only leave a small handle exposed. You could also use a paracord lanyard behind the belt.

Keep It Close By

The importance of a sheath is so your knife is handy at a moment’s notice. There are various ways you can attach your leather sheath to you. Look for one with your method of choice. You’ll discover clips, cords, straps, or loops. It’s all about personal preference.

If you choose the belt loop, there are different sizes. A large loop could allow the sheath to bounce around too much. For clips, choose the right material. Plastic clips have little retention and can break easily. Cloth ones vary in quality.

Custom Could Be the Best Option

Some knife owners choose to go custom when it comes to finding the perfect leather sheath. There are incredibly talented sheath makers out there who will create the perfect one for your needs. Ask other knife enthusiasts or read online reviews to find a reputable custom leather sheath maker.

Use the above leather sheath tips to find the right one for you. You spend time deciding which knife you’ll purchase, and you should devote the same amount of time to finding the correct sheath.