Pros and Cons of Buying a Fixed Blade Knife

Pros and Cons of Buying a Fixed Blade Knife

Jun 21 2023 - 6:51

There are plenty of considerations to make when purchasing a knife. Each type comes with a set of pros and cons that help consumers make the right choice. Fixed blade knives are a popular style people appreciate—here are the pros and cons of buying a fixed blade knife.

What Is a Fixed Blade Knife?

A fixed blade knife has a blade that stays in one place. In other words, it’s the opposite of a folding blade. Typically, the fixed blade extends into the knife handle, which is where the knife gets its stability and power.


You might encounter situations where the durability and strength of a fixed blade knife aren’t necessary. In fact, those aspects could even hinder the task you’re trying to accomplish. That’s why having both fixed blades and folding knives in your collection is important.

Another disadvantage of fixed blade knives is their lack of portability. Folding blades allow the user to put away the sharp edge and safely bring the knife with them anywhere. Fixed blades need a sheath to protect you and others from the sharp edge.

We understand that these aren’t factors that will stop a knife enthusiast from purchasing a fixed blade knife, but you should still be aware of them before you buy one. The fixed blade isn’t great for everyday uses; rather, it’s more suitable for outdoor applications.


Fixed blade knives are incredibly strong and durable. Many outdoor enthusiasts use them for camping, hunting, and fishing. Fixed blades are some of the most trustworthy and dependable knife options available.

A fixed blade is either full tang or partial tang, meaning the blade extends into the handle. The firmly anchored edge allows for increased stability, so fixed blades can handle intense outdoor tasks like skinning an animal or cutting through bone.

Another advantage of fixed blade knives is how easy they are to clean and maintain. They have a longer lifespan compared to folding blades due to their low maintenance and superior strength. You can use fixed blade knives for years without worry—in fact, they’re great tools to pass down to the next generation.

Even with the cons, a fixed blade knife is worth the purchase. The pros make it one of the best knife options for heavy-duty tasks.

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