BRISA - Kephart 115 - Satin Finish 80CrV2 Carbon Steel Blade - Curly Birch Handle

BRISA-Kephart-115-Curly Birch
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The BRISA Kephart 115 - Satin Finish 80CrV2 Knife is a finely crafted tool that combines tradition with modern precision. The blade is made from premium 80CrV2 steel, renowned for its durability and edge retention, this knife is designed to handle any task with ease.

Featuring the classic Horace Kephart design, this blade boasts a sleek satin finish that not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also provides low drag when cutting.

Its ergonomic handle featuring Natural Curly Birch Wood Handle Scales w/ Red Liners ensures a comfortable and unique grip, allowing for prolonged use without fatigue. Whether you're in the great outdoors or tackling everyday tasks, the BRISA Kephart 115 is your reliable companion. From food preparation slicing to bushcraft carving, its versatile blade excels in precision and performance. Elevate your adventures and bushcraft game with the BRISA Kephart 115 knife!


Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
Overall Length:
8.88 in.
Blade Length:
4.5 in.
Blade Finish:
Blade Steel:
80CRV2 Carbon
Blade Thickness:
0.12 in. (3.22 mm)
Blade Type:
Spear Point
Handle Material:
Curly Birch
Handle Thickness:
0.720 in.
Blade Height:
0.962 in.