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Brommeland Gunleather: 15-4MS Micro Strop - Bare

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This handy Micro Pocket Strop is a versatile sharpener that can be used in the field or on the workbench. It measures 4" long x 1.5" wide and approximately 5/8" thick. Double sided bare leather hand held field strop with polycarbonate core. Core cannot lose it's flat surface, nor can it be broken without using tons of force. This material has zero potential to swell, warp or crack when exposed to moisture. The leather has a very low acid content and has not been pretreated with any compound. Designed specifically for honing convex edge knives. It is easy to carry in a coat pocket or back back. It has leather on both sides of the center core so you can load two different sizes of compound grit. It comes in a heavy plastic sleeve which can be used to store it.


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