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Casstrom No 3 Sheath Dangler with Black Leather Loop and Black Carabiner

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Casstroms No.3 Dangler is a handy accessory that allows your knife to hang further down from the waist and dangle freely. This allows you to move more easily, sit more comfortably and have more carry options.

This dangler is made of sturdy .118" thick black leather. It is 5.75" long, 1.25" wide and weighs 1.4 ounces. The leather loop fits belts up to 2.25" wide and the D-ring fits sheaths with belt loops up to 1.375" wide. The D-ring is made of sturdy .31" thick aluminum and tests show the breaking strength exceeds 881 pounds. The D-ring can also be used for a variety of purposes such as hanging up equipment, pulling an animal or to fasten a dog leash to your waist. It can also be used for suspending a tarp or hammocks.

Please Note: The D-ring should not be used for climbing since a fall can create forces that exceed 881 pounds.


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  • Just what I wanted with a minor tweak needed.

    Tarl Spangler

    This worked exactly the way I wanted but I had rotate the carabiner 180 degrees. As you see in the picture the round part of the carabiner is not in connection with the loop which puts the opening of the carabiner at the bottom...exactly where my leather back strap which holds my knife would connect. I could see where that the carabiner could accidentally get opened and the leather back strap could fall out. I simply rotated the carabiner 180 degrees putting the round part onto the belt loop and this fixed the issue putting the carabiner opening at the top...no more possibility of It accidentally coming out. Mine was shipped as seen in the picture...not sure if it’s meant to be this way? Other available option have the carabiner in the orientation that I described with the round part at the belt loop and opening at the top. Anyways...easy fix...VERY HAPPY!

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