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ESEE-5 Black Kydex Complete Sheath System, 22-SS

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List price: $72.85
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This a a complete sheath system for the ESEE-5 knife. The sheath screws are made from stainless steel, and the "Adjustible Sheath Tensioner" system allows you to fine-tune your knife-in-sheath fit.

Items included: Black Kydex sheath, paracord, cord lock and black clip plate.



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  • Review from Gerald S.

    Gerald S.

    Glad I found Knife Connection awesome prices, very professional !!

    As far as the Sheath goes, I purchased a barely used ESEE 5 and needed a sheath for it.
    Perfect fit, lock down is great, zero rattle. Just what I needed, no frills and rock solid. Excellent value.
    Yesterday I ordered a Junglas from these guys with a sheath of course (Why wouldn't you ?) Looking forward to that Bad A$$ addition !!

  • Review from Ron Blessing

    Ron Blessing

    Bought this to hold me over on my vacation until I can get a custom sheath made for my knife. This really is a very nice sheath and much cheaper that the one I'm yearning for.
    The Knife Connection got it to me in just a couple of days and nobody has better pricing. Thank you for the GREAT service.

  • Review from Shaun E.

    Shaun E.

    Not much to say here, standard ESEE sheath. The quality from this company is apparently quite excellent. If you're shopping around you can end your search here. The Knife Connection is a winner. I've ordered online countless times, and never experienced anything as good as The Knife Connection.

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