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ESEE-52-MB-K ESEE-5 & 6 MOLLE Back - Khaki

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This MOLLE back fits the ESEE-5, ESEE-6, Laser Strike, and ESEE CM-6 Sheaths.

To attach this MOLLE back to your sheath, align the holes in the MOLLE Back with the holes in the sheath, and use the four screws and posts provided to secure. The top of the MOLLE back has both an adjustable handle retention strap and a flap that can be slipped over the pommel end of the knife, and secured tight with the paracord and cord lock, making the ESEE 5, ESEE 6, Laser Strike, or ESEE CM-6 "jump safe".

Both the top portion and lower portion of the MOLLE back have a built in belt loop and have MOLLE straps compatible with the military and LEO PALS system.

The top portion of the MOLLE back can be removed from the bottom portion by unsnapping the lower MOLLE strap and threading it through the plastic ring holding the two halves of the MOLLE back together. You can then thread the strap back through an extra plastic ring (provided) before re-threading the strap through the lower cross straps to secure it to a belt or gear again. The extra plastic ring allows you to retain the extender capability when only using the lower portion of the MOLLE back. As with any MOLLE strap system, always thread the long strap under the last cross strap right above the snap to make sure the snap stays securely fastened. Failure to do so can result in unwanted release of the snap under extreme stress.


Overall Length:
12 3/4 in. (32.38 cm)

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  • Review from Kevin Holyfield

    Kevin Holyfield

    Ordered this last Thursday and received it Monday. That is fast service. The product is great. it is the Esee molle back for the Esee 5/6 and Laser Strike. I have been wanting one of these since I ordered my Laser Strike from TKC a couple years ago. TKC has the best prices on pretty much everything. This goes for around 48.00 dollars on Amazon.Quality is what I have come to expect from Esee and TKC; top notch. Molle fits great and I have an Esee ad on pouch and a TKC 3.8 universal fire steel kydex holder for my Esee fire kit. I will always order from TKC for all things knife if I can.

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