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ESEE-5P (Glass Breaker) Black Plain Edge Fixed Blade w/ Green Canvas Micarta Handle, Black Kydex Sheath

Unconditional Lifetime
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The ESEE-5 is "built like a tank" for dependable service and a lifetime of use. Boasting a 1/4" thick blade, and sharpened pointed pommel, this 16 oz knife is ready for serious combat environments and used extensively by pilots of the US Air Force. It was designed by military SERE instructors as a hard-use, Survival, Escape and Evasion, downed pilots knife. The blade is "substantial" to say the least.

The blade is 1.56" wide from cutting edge to spine, and is made of 1095 High Carbon Steel which holds an edge through the toughest of jobs. The blade's textured power coat is extremely durable, and will not wear off easily. Featuring a Saber grind, the ESEE-5 gives a great balance between slicing and splitting. The versatile 5.25" drop point cutting edge is capable for all manor of outdoor and survival tasks, including field dressing and preparation of large-sized game animals. The blade edge is sharpened to approximately 20 degrees, and the overall length of the knife is 10.88"

The handle is made of Micarta, which is a durable material, created from soaking layers of linen cloth/canvas in resin, then compressing them under heat and pressure.

The ESEE 5 is a critical situations knife that you can stake your life on when it comes to performace and durability. The people behind this knife developed it by experience and practical application... not theory. Regardless of your place in life, this knife will soon become your best friend as you experience its superb form and function.

Improving the handle comfort and style of the ESEE 5 is easily achieved by installing our very popular custom G-10 handle scales, which are available in a wide variety of colors. They feature a palm swell and smooth ergonomic contouring. Our custom scales bolt on easily, and will transform the function, feel, and appearance of your knife.

ESEE Knives' unique sheath system allows the user to carry the ESEE-5 in a Kydex sheath securely with or without a MOLLE Setup. If desired, the MOLLE Back is available as a separate accessory. When this knife is used with the MOLLE back, it adds additional security for jumping from aircraft or other extreme activities that may cause the knife to come loose from the sheath. The sheath system is fully ambidextrous. The sheath screws are made from stainless steel, and the "Adjustible Sheath Tensioner" system allows you to fine-tune your knife-in-sheath fit.

This Knife comes with a unique serial number, Kydex Sheath, Clip Plate, Paracord and Cord Lock.

This product is packaged in a heavy plastic bag


Blade Finish:
Textured Powder Coat
Blade Steel:
1095 Carbon
Blade Thickness:
1/4 in. (6.35 mm)
Blade Type:
Drop Point
Cutting Edge Length:
5 1/4 in. (13.33 cm)
Handle Material:
Green Canvas Micarta
Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
Overall Length:
11 in. (27.94 cm)
Glass Breaker (Sharpened)
56-58 HRC
Kydex Sheath W/ Clip Plate
Thumb Jimping
Unique Features:
Bow Drill Divot
Weight Without Sheath:
16 oz

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customer reviews

  • Review from CTMVT


    Love the ESEE 5. This is a beast of a knife. A 1/4 inch slab of steel. It is indestructible. The only draw back is it's a heavy knife, tipping the scales at 1 lbs. If you need a knife that your life can depend on, this is it. If you had to, you use it as a pry bar to get out of a downed plane or trapped in a car. This is an excellent S.E.R.E. knife. Fast order processing and delivery from Knife Connection. They get my future knife purchase business.

  • Review from Bill


    Hey all at TKC! Just wanted to drop you a note and say THX for such great products and service!. I had been thinking about an ESEE 5 for quite some time and TKC had the best price of anywhere I looked. Now that I received my E5 in just 2 short days clearly the service from TKC is just as awesome! I have since bought many other things from you to the point that my wife now says ENOUGH LOL! Seriously, Kudo's to all of you - THUMBS WAY UP!!!

  • Review from Jackson N.

    Jackson N.

    the one I received was different than the one in the picture. it didn't have the skull with the crossed knives on the blade but the logo that is supposed to be on the handle was etched onto the blade, first I thought I got a bum knife that was a fake but I did some research and apparently since it does have an active esee serial number on it it is a real esee knife but for future purposes if you are going to sell a knife that is slightly different than the picture you should disclose it and maybe just update the picture also the screws in the handle were sent to me striped so I had to go get a screw removal kit just to take the handles off to put on the custom ones I ordered as well, kind of disappointed about the way the knife arrived but it is still the great knife that I have done research one and have worked with before.

  • Review from Jessie Constable

    Jessie Constable

    The fit and finish of this knife is so absolutely amazing I don't know how they do it. I could not be happier with this knife!

  • Review from D Horn

    D Horn

    I've had my esee 5 for a couple years now. I originally picked it up based on the apparent durability and reliability.... man it's even better than I thought it would be. I have INTENTIONALLY beat the living #%$! out of this thing and it WILL NOT FAIL!!! Worked the edge down until it was basically ok to cut stuff but was dull and chipped... again I used this thing like I wanted to break it...i mean like batoning full un split logs at least double the length of the blade with a 2lb sledge hammer!!! The jimping flattened out a tad but not really noticeably definitely not what you'd expect from beating it with a sledge. If you like coated blades the coating never came off there was some damage to it but I was trying to destroy it and couldn't. I used it to dig in the ground and chop underground LARGE tree roots chopped off tree branches started fires stripped feeder wires... I'm an electrician... used it as a multi tool at work pried anything i could make an excuse for open...i could keep going and going...i stripped the coating off and was able to bring the edge back with surprising esee... then spent a weekend splitting full size logs again... with a baton stick this time hahaha... and the edge is still shaving sharp... so if you want one knife that can pretty much do anything and won't break even if you try because it's probably made out of moon rocks and diamonds and lava... buy an esee 5 you won't regret it!!!!!

  • Review from Thomas Wicks

    Thomas Wicks

    the knife connection is really great on customer service! Excellent phone service, ease of ordering & very knowledgeable... very satisfied with them.
    The knife, Esse 5-p is a tank...surprisingly stout/robust. I'd bet my life on this one... love the glass breaker too, as you never know when a vehicle's windows could go dead trapping you or others. Great knife...great price.

  • Review from Donnie Moore

    Donnie Moore

    This is a tank of a knife!! Not only was the shipping fast, but the knife itself has a warranty that can't be beat. It does cost a little money but it will pay for itself over and over again. I would like to say this is the last knife I will ever buy, but that will be a lie. It is a knife that one person could use for the rest of their lives and even hand it down and the warranty will follow with it.

  • Review from ariel sosa

    ariel sosa

    Mister Stoops: A phenomenon, quality of care, response and quick fixes. Knife a true all-rounder. I give it 5 stars.

  • Review from Dan Edvalson

    Dan Edvalson

    I love everything about my ESEE 5. I love the thickness of the blade. (If you think it to heavy lift some weights.) I also love Micarta handles on a knife, it adds for extra grip and it has a bow drill slot. It came very sharp and I love the warranty. Some day I hope to propose to my ESEE 5, I hope she says yes.

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