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TKC Knife Builder: ESEE-6

Unconditional Lifetime


Our revolutionary ESEE-6 Knife Builder allows you to easily create the knife of your dreams. First you begin with the blade, and build up from there, selecting the handle color of your choice, sheath, and other accessories like firesteels, loops, and more.



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  • Review from Rob Goodwin

    Rob Goodwin

    Overall I'm always happy with esee and the tkc g-10 handles. But I think that if you custom build a knife it should not show up in loose pieces in a bubble wrap envelope. It should be assembled and in a box. In this case it was a gift for someone. Just a suggestion.

    Rob, Thank you for your comments. Many customers prefer to do the assembly themselves for the experience of "building" their knife. This is why we ship all the parts without assembly. On rare occasions, we do assemble prior to shipping for an additional fee of around $6.00. This information will be more clear on our new Custom Knife Configurator on our soon-to-launch website. -- TKC

  • Review from Eric


    I bought one with high hopes and it was better then i imagined. The custom handels areso comfortable and beautiful. The kydex sheath looks great perfect fit and quiet. My knew favorite knife. Shipped to me quickly as well. I will be buying more kbives from tkc for sure

  • Review from Jon Couch, Stafford VA.

    Jon Couch, Stafford VA.

    First, service. I ordered the knife on a Friday morning and received it that next Monday. Maybe I was lucky -- but what a start!

    Now the knife as I opened the package. The knife was in separate bags, e.g., the sheath, blade, handles, etc. I got to inspect the individual pieces prior to assembly. They are precisely made. And the fit - impeccable.

    Once I put the knife handles on and put it in my hand -- the knife felt perfect in my hand. I own many knives that cost considerably more, e.g., Randall, Falkniven, Dozier, and Bark River but the feel of this knife in my hand rivals knives costing two and three times as much. And my experience with knives spans four - plus decades. While in the Marines, aside from being a Reconnaissance Marine, I was a SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) Instructor. I know knives and this knife was starting to impress me.

    Using the knife. I had to use it......otherwise why buy it - right? First I did some whittling and although a tad bit large for this task, it felt great and the choil allowed me to work the blade with more finesse when required. I then used my Esee-6 for batoning. It was superb. Everything held tight and felt very secure.

    I next used the knife as a draw knife. Again, superb. I also did some chopping - and yup -- it again passed with flying colors. This is now my GO-TO knife.

    So you might ask - what should Esse change? I'll give ya my two cents worth.

    I often carry a ferro rod for starting fires and because of this knife's finish, I had to remove about three-quarter's of an inch of finish on the spine right next to the finger grooves so it would create the necessary sparks for fire-starting. If your customers were not aware of this need they might think the knife or ferro rods were not working properly. You may have included this tip on your website and if so, I just missed it?

    That's it - this is a great knife!

    I'll end my comments where it all began - service. I ordered a couple of more accessories after I received my knife and YES, true to form, TKC were true to form. Bravo guys!

    I will use TKC again.

  • Review from FormerArmchairQuarterback.


    As a former professional reviewer who’s worked with (not for) many electronics companies and major Hollywood studios, I find I have a lot to say about my first experience with TWC, but I’ll try not to get too long winded. I can’t commend TKC highly enough for their ambition and acumen to offer customizable blades the way they have with the ESEE and RAT lines. Their Knife Builder customization truly takes knife distribution to the next level, and both the consumer and the brands in the program can only benefit from it. I’m sure nobody needs to be sold on ESEE knives, their quality and esteem is already legendary in the knife world. My new ESEE 6 instantly became my go to knife for camping and bushcraft related chores. It’s too long for any kind of routine, much less every day carry (EDC), which is why I’d never seriously considered it before. But once the spine is sanded sharp enough to get sparks from firesteel, it’s the absolute perfect knife for most wood processing and holds up to batoning a lot better than I could have expected from it’s thinner blade. The knife strikes a near perfect balance for bushcraft, while maintaining a profile still optimal for hunting or even soldiering, unlike so many conventional bushcraft-specific designs.

    The ESEE 6 is made even better by the extremely ergonomic, perfectly textured G10 scales that are exclusive to TKC. I can’t think of another knife I’ve ever held that felt better in my hand. And the blade shipped sharp - sharper than any of the half dozen knives I’ve bought this past year. And TKC’s shipping and handling time was as good as amazon prime, better, in regards to the handling. I fully expect TKC will be getting a lot more of my knife budget in the future.

    The sheath is great too. I was a bit concerned about it being made to fit both the Esee 6 and the RAT 7, knowing the RAT 7 is a little longer and the scales between the two are not supposedly interchangeable. But Ethan and Dale put my mind at ease and the fit proved perfect, secure and with no rattle. Kudos to both guys for promptly and tirelessly responding to all my pre-sell inquiries. The lock slider is just icing for better piece of mind during more extreme activities or to prevent someone from pulling your knife from behind.

    The only thing the sheath was missing was a pair of soft loops for scout carry. But, a set of leather loops I’d bought off ebay for a BK2 a while back worked perfectly. I should note that one of the metal grommets on the sheath had started to split when I received it, as if crimped a bit too tightly. But it’s a fairly trivial concern and knowing this was the last one of that color they had in stock, I didn’t even consider contacting them about it. I have little doubt that they’d have been just as prompt at resolving the issue as they were at addressing my pre-sell concerns. But, I was too eager to get the sheath set up to suit my needs and put the knife to use. Even if they had more in stock at the time, it wasn’t worth the prolonged gratification to me. I literally felt like a kid with a new toy. Had I thought I’d be so enthusiastic for this knife, I’d have bought one much sooner. And should the grommet continue to split, it shouldn’t be difficult to replace either by the kydex vendor at our local flea market or one of the numerous DIY kits available online.

    They might be a little stingy with the paracord leg strap. I’m not a huge guy, but I’m not small either. And I couldn’t get the length of paracord they sent around my neck, much less my leg. I didn’t need it for this knife, since I intend to carry it scout, but I did repurpose it to much heavier knife I use. Fortunately, I bought 100 feet of 550 from TKC at the same time. It’s not military spec (no manufacturer strand, and each of the 7 strands inside are comprised of only 2 twisted strands, instead of 3 as required by branches of the US military), but it looks well made and works just fine for the lashings and lanyards I bought it to make. I love the deep color of their OD green paracord. Mated with an all black FirstEdge 5050, the deep OD green added a nice sense of character more than contrast.

    TKC stands out in a heard of online knife vendors offering customization like no other I’ve come across and prices considerably better than even amazon. Even if you just want a stock blade, this seems a company worthy of our trust.

  • Review from Eric Henry

    Eric Henry

    Best knife I’ve bought in a long time. Was going to buy the Esse 6 online with Amazon but serendipitously watched a video on getting a custom knife done at TKC. Best decision! Went through the easy build process and received the knife really quickly. Just like others, I’m finding it hard not to order a custom knife from TKC as well. I also really like that the custom build blades come non assembled as I really enjoyed doing that myself.

  • Review from Mark


    Just want to say how pleased I am with this combo.
    The scales bring the knife to an exceptional level, and the sheath is an asset to the knife that fits and works perfectly.
    I have had Fallkniven, Spartan Blades and RMJ Tactical knives that were more than double the price in some cases. Those are fine products to be sure...but with the upgrades your company has brought to the sturdy and well made Esee blade...the question is, WHY buy those others???

    Thank you, I'll be back for more...

  • Review from randir14


    I ordered an ESEE 6 with black/orange G10 handles. The handles look great and are very comfortable. Shipping was very fast.

  • Review from LS Woods

    LS Woods

    Great service and product. Shipped out very fast. Assembly took 5 minutes, very simple. Easier than legos. Great fit and finish on the blade and scales. However the upgraded Kydex sheath I purchased with it does leave black marks on my scales and has a few rough edges that looks like it was milled with a file and the extra "peeled" pieces were just left hanging off of it.

  • Review from Kenn


    I ordered an ESEE 6P, earth camo scales, black kydex sheath w/adjustable tension. & a black, #52 accessories pouch. Merchandise arrived four days later! Everything had an excellent fit, & your service is outstanding. Rugged, ergonomic quality blended with upgraded scales & sheath should provide a lifetime of service & enjoyment. I'm sincerely grateful for your meticulous attention & superb inventory. As Arnie said, "I'll be back!"

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