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ESEE Izula-SS, Fixed Blade Neck Knife with Skeletized Handle - Stainless Steel

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The extremely popular ESEE Knives IZULA is now being offered in a stainless steel version! Featuring 440C stainless steel, this knife is now more versatile and user friendly than ever.

A small "do anything" work-horse!

This knife is extremely versatile and will "fit in" almost anywhere. This small-to-medium size knife can do a lot! It's name "IZULA" comes from a Peruvian ant called the "Isula". This ant is the meanest, nastiest ant of the jungle. It's sting is said to be akin to being shot. We know this ant as the "Bullet Ant". The Bullet Ant is known to be independent, tough, light on its feet, and a real aggressive survivor - the IZULA knife is built the same way, and definitely lives up to its namesake. It sails through all manor of cutting tasks with ease due to the genius of it's design. The Izula has one purpose, function.

The ESEE Izula is a no-nonsense tool that offers fixed blade strength and durability, yet is compact and lightweight (2.0 oz). The textured power coat is extremely durable, and will not wear off easily. This knife is perfect to include in a lightweight survival kit, or to use in a concealed carry situation. The lightweight slim-profile molded plastic sheath makes it perfect for neck or pocket carry. The 3 3/8" handle gives medium sized hands a secure 4 finger grip. Improving your grip above the skeletized handle is easily achieved by adding factory handle scales, or our very popular custom G10 handle scales which are available in a wide variety of colors. Our custom scales bolt on easily, and will transform the function, feel, and appearance of your knife.

Every bit as tough as it's larger siblings, the IZULA knife will be delivered to your door ready for business.

This product is packaged in a heavy plastic bag, and includes a unique serial number.


Blade Steel:
440C Stainless
Blade Thickness:
5/32 in. (3.96 mm)
Blade Type:
Drop Point
Cutting Edge Length:
2 5/8 in. (6.67 cm)
Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
Overall Length:
6 1/4 in. (15.87 cm)
Molded Plastic
Thumb Jimping
Weight Without Sheath:
2.0 oz

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customer reviews

  • Review from Richard Kane

    Richard Kane

    My favorite all around knife. Highly recommended!

  • Review from Robert Babcock

    Robert Babcock

    I really love this knife! I have six Izula and Izula II knives but it took me a long time to break down and try the stainless version. Now that I have I wish I hadn't waited so long! Contrary to my fears the edge is outstanding out of the box and the stonewashed finish is beautiful. There's very little I'd change with this knife.

    Well, except for one thing- c'mon, ESSE! Release the Izula II in stainless, too!

  • Review from Pronghorn Pete

    Pronghorn Pete

    This is my favorite knife. I own Falknivens, Benchmades, ZTs, Beckers, Tops, and this is the one I reach for. Small enough to carry anywhere, yet still big enough to be useful. Rowen's 1095 is nice, but it rusts just from humidity in the air. I ride this stainless knife hard and put it away wet. Even after a couple years no hint of corrosion. Full G10 scales make a huge difference. I own a few one has the TKC handles, the other 2 have Esee factory scales. I also own the Esee 4 in stainless. My other knives are collecting dust. Wish they would offer the Izula 2 and 3 in stainless as well.

  • Review from Jim Cracker

    Jim Cracker

    The PERFECT steel for this particular knife's size and thickness. This SS Izula is by far ESEE's most practical blade, meaning it will get used most outside of a survival bag, duty vest, brag fest, or misc shelter. Feels lighter than my 1095 Izula which looses its sharp edge due to rust from sitting and deer fluids. It took longer for me to strop the SS vs 1095 but it is sharper and has gone through a couple weeks of cutting tests, still cuts paper cleanly. The ROWEN heat treat is just right. The blade larger BK14 is better for hitting / splitting wood and this one is the best for long term storage, slicing, dicing, skinning animals, cleaning fish or use in water/corrosive type environments, etc. Dale had my order to me in a couple of days, as always, then I traded off my 1095 Izula. Thanks Dale!

  • Review from DField


    The Izula stainless is just what I've been looking for. Small enough to fit in my pocket. Big enough to cut a food. Easily wiped clean with a paper napkin.The perfect portable steak knife! The sheath gives lots of options for different ways to carry it, although without scales it's flat enough to fit in most pockets without printing.

  • Review from Dr. C - Newport Beach, CA

    Dr. C - Newport Beach, CA

    What a gem! A fine example of the fine art of knife making. 440C stainless steel is as beautiful and functional. And with ESEE's correct heat treatment, this steel should perform well for years. Out of the box it was razor sharp and no tool marks to be found anywhere. Of course I purchased TKC G10 scales-pricey but a notable upgrade in both looks and function - allows for a more positive purchase. The molded plastic sheath is well executed and provides sufficient protection of the blade - in it's new state, there is no play of the blade within the sheath and the lock up is rock solid - you won't be losing this blade. If your hands are medium to large in size, I suggest you consider the Izula II which has an 1/2" longer handle, but identical size blade. As an EDC blade this ESEE will excel in this role. Finally, thanks Dale for all you assistance. DEAL WITH CONFIDENCE!

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