ESEE-S-KIT-OD Pocket Survival Kit / Escape & Evasion (E & E) OD Green

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The ESEE Pocket Survival Kit is a practical, lightweight pocket survival kit option, for all outdoor adventurers.

If you're an outdoorsman looking for a compact and lightweight kit to throw in your go-bag just in case something goes wrong, the ESEE Pocket Survival Kit is your solution. This kit comes with a variety of useful gear inside a heavy duty nylon case and a weatherproof card with helpful information on priorities of survival, communication, and navigation.


    Foil Mylar Rescue Blanket
    Heavy duty sewing needle
    Nasco Whirl-Pak for collecting water
    Branded Rite-in-the-Rain pad
    Suunto compass
    RAT signal mirror
    Fresnel Lens
    Duct Tape
    Golf Pencil
    Folding razor blade
    Four Tinder-Quik tinders
    Folding hacksaw
    Keychain sized whistle
    0.25" x 2" Ferro Rod
    Gerber Shard pocket tool
    Brass wire
    Kevlar trip wire


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