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Flitz: Gun and Knife Care Kit

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The Flitz Gun and Knife Care Kit is a great thing for every knife and gun owner to have. It contains four items:

Metal, Plastic and Fiberglass Polish: Removes rust, fingerprints, powder residue.

Rifle/Gun and Knife Wax: Brazilian Carnauba and Bees Wax. No silicones. Non-abrasive. No build-up. Protects against water, dust and fingerprints.

Thick'n Thirsty Microfiber Cloth: Absorbent. Clean, polish and protect faster and easier than with a standard cotton cloth. Machine washable.

Tactical Matte Finish Cleaner: De-greasing formula. Anti-smear. Use on stainless and nickel firearms and knives. Safe for the exterior of gun barrels and the bore.


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