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Lansky Sharpeners: LM009 Universal Mount, Controlled-Angle Accessory

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Universal Sharpening System Mount

Key Features:

- Aircraft Grade Aluminum Construction

- 2 Piece design for easy stow-away

- 4 screw holes for permanent surface mounting.

The versatile Universal Mount is designed to optimize your Lansky Sharpening System. The Lansky Multi-Angle Clamp (LP006) provides the counterpart to rest on the post of this pedestal mount. This allows for a more hands-free sharpening experience.



1. Assembly: Thread the pedestal post to the base (Both pieces included)

2. Prepare clamp and knife: Be sure to mount the knife blade securely in the Multi-Angle Clamp.

3. Final Assembly: Place clamp so the center hole fits over the top of the pedestal mount.

4. Table-top mounting: Use 4 small screws and the pre-drilled holes on the base to mount the pedestal to a bench-top, a small board just for itself, etc.



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