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LT Wright Knives Camp MUK - A2 Steel - Flat Grind - Green Canvas Micarta Handle - Matte Finish

Lifetime Against Defects
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The LT Wright Knives Camp MUK is a modern version of the Nessmuk style of knife blade. It excels at slicing and skinning chores. While an excellent slicer, the Camp MUK also handles other outdoor tasks encountered while hunting, hiking and camping. The blade edge starts curving at the ricasso area so there is plenty of "belly" for slicing chores. This heavy duty knife features A2 tool steel, a squared spine for firesteel use and a large lanyard hole. The handle is large and shaped very nicely for comfort during times of extended use. The handle scales are attached with large fisheye bolts and two ton epoxy for a lifetime of trouble-free use.

Includes a heavy duty leather sheath as shown in the picture.


Blade Length:
3 5/8 in.
Blade Steel:
A2 Tool Steel
Blade Thickness:
1/8 in.
Blade Type:
Handle Material:
Green Canvas Micarta
Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
Knife Weight:
5.4 oz
Overall Length:
7 5/8 in.
57-59 HRC

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  • L.T. Wright Camp MUK

    Adam M.

    Just received the Camp MUK and am very happy with my purchase. To me the size of the knife is perfect, neither too big nor too small for field dressing and skinning game. The feel of the knife is solid and it exudes quality. The curvature of the handle in particular has a very natural feel to it in the palm. It’s fills your hand allowing for an excellent grip. The blade profile and grind are also very well done. It came very sharp out of the box but not hair shaving sharp; however, it took less than 5 minutes with an extra fine stone and just a few strops to get it in razor sharp condition. The only “con” to me is the matte/satin finish on the blade. It looks as if they stopped polishing the blade at around 400-600 grit and I prefer a bit more polished finish; however, that’s just my taste and has nothing to do with the quality of the knife.
    The leather scabbard is also outstanding. It’s very high quality and after just a little bit of breaking in it now holds the knife perfectly, offering a snug fit but easily allowing the knife to be drawn out without heavy effort.
    This is my first experience with L.T. Wright Knives but so far I’m impressed.

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