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LT Wright Knives: Genesis (Scandi Grind) Fixed Blade Bushcraft Knife w/ Snakeskin Resiten Handle Matte Finish - Leather Sheath

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L.T. Wright Knives is a rethinking and a rebirth of a company started years ago. The company has returned with more knowledge, skill, and experience than before. We wanted quality products that you'll feel proud to hand down to the next generation. We think we've hit those points with the first new offering in the Genesis.

This nine inch overall Scandi ground bush knife really likes to work. With features such as Micarta scales and heavy duty hardware, it'll get the job done for you no matter what the circumstances. We take the time to do the little things: making sure the epoxy isn't just on the scales, but around every bit of the hardware, including the threads of the brass nut, to ensure a completely sealed scale set. The Scandi grind is a high polish on the whole surface to make sure there is no drag when cutting. This is a great finish to the 1/8" A2 tool steel we use and it really makes for a superior edge. More improvements are the thumb scallops on each side allowing more comfortable control doing close up work. And of course, a spine sharpened up like an ice skate so the edge is 90 degrees to allow the spine of the knife to work as hard as the edge. Whether you're getting a tinder bundle scraped off a branch or striking a ferro rod off there, that spine will allow you to save the blade for fine cutting tasks.

A premium leather, made in America sheath is included that will be as comfortable to wear on your hip as is it in dangler form (which was updated with a new and improved design). It also has a loop for a 3/8" fire steel so it's never far away.

The Genesis is not only a great purchase value but will be valued for years by providing efficient, dependable service.


Blade Length:
4.25 in.
Blade Steel:
A2 Tool Steel
Blade Thickness:
1/8 in. (3.17 mm)
Blade Type:
Spear Point
Handle Material:
Snakeskin Resiten
Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
Knife Weight:
7.4 oz
Overall Length:
9 in. (22.86 cm)
57-59 HRC

customer reviews

  • Review from Dan Edvalson

    Dan Edvalson

    This knife is the best knife I personally own. You just can go wrong with L.T Wright Knives. And the great customer service for The Knife Connection.

  • Review from Shane C

    Shane C

    Simply put, this is a fantastic knife. My only concern is that the grind close to the handle was a little thicker than it should have been. However I have two of these, and the other did not have this problem. About ten minutes on a stone cured this. I removed a star for it.

    Now, to the good news. The handle is comfortable in every grip. The thumb scallops make it even more so. Whether push cutting or in the chest lever grip, it does not tire the hand. The rounded butt also helps.

    The edge is tough, as you would expect from A2. I did a lot of cutting after the initial fix and have only needed to strop to maintain the edge. I have carved notches and done slicing and food prep with excellent results. Light batoning has also yielded excellent results.

    The sheath is from JRE, is made well, and has great retention.

    If you are looking for a bushcraft knife that can do many things well, from making tent pegs to slicing onions and tomatoes for stews, this is a fantastic knife. It even skins well given the spear point and belly.

    The price is a steal considering the quality you get. Like I said, I own two, and both have had the hell beat out of them. I would not hesitate to trust this blade in the most harsh conditions.

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