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LT Wright Knives: JET (Flat Grind) Fixed Blade Knife w/ Green & Black Canvas Micarta Handle - Mountain Texture

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Yes, the L. T. Handcrafted Knives JET has an unusual name which requires some explaining. You see, L. T. Wright is a resourceful fellow so when needing a name for this knife, he called upon the talented ladies that work at his fine business to name this knife. So, they put their heads together and decided to put the initials of their first names together and came up with JET! Now you may say, "What does JET have to do with a knife"? Well, the first thing that comes to my mind about a jet is that they are fast and the JET knife is quick in the hand and will make fast work of cutting tasks. The blade shape along with a flat grind, distal taper and a relatively thin blade makes this knife great for filleting fish, slicing meat and cutting vegetables. It is a handy knife to have in the home or camp kitchen. Those who process game will find it very useful as well.

A heavy duty leather belt sheath is included.


Blade Length:
4.5 in.
Blade Steel:
O1 Tool Steel
Blade Thickness:
.125 in.
Blade Type:
Drop Point
Handle Material:
Green & Black Canvas Micarta
Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
Knife Weight:
6.3 oz
Overall Length:
9.5 in.
57-59 HRC
Full Exposed

customer reviews

  • Review from oldie moldy

    oldie moldy

    Being impressed with my "Forest trail" knife I thought I'd try another from Lt Wright. This little knife is really great, (except for a silly name). Now it's not made for rough work like battoning and such, but used reasonably it will soon prove it's worth. It's pretty much "what you see is what you get" excepting for the small scoops cut out of the handle. Study the photos closely and you can see them. Given that there's not a whole lot of a guard to keep your fingers away from the sharp, a little extra grip to the handle is welcome in my option. In my hand the scoops give a good grip and are comfortable as well. Perhaps, if I were whittling tent pegs for a battalion of infantry, the improved grip might raise "hot spots" on my hand, but for normal usage I really, really like the improved grip surface.
    The sheath is of good sturdy construction, and holds the knife securely. A tip to mold the sheath to the knife quickly: moisten the sheath in warm water and with the knife in place, mold, press, smush the leather into contact with the blade and handle. Don't be shy, the tighter the contact the better the resulting fit. Once done, ease the knife out from the sheath and let it dry well. In the summer months, my favorite place to dry the sheath is the dash-board of my truck with the windows rolled up and the sun beating down. A tattle-tail for dryness: slide a cool blade into the warm sheath and see if you get condensation on the blade.

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