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LT Wright Knives Larry Roberts Signature Edition Genesis - A2 Steel - Scandi Grind - Black Canvas Micarta Handle - White Liners - Matte Finish

Lifetime Against Defects
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Larry Roberts Signature Edition Genesis Scandi

In 2015, an electrician decided to test his survival skills and knowledge alone on Vancouver Island in Canada. Larry Roberts was a contestant on Season 2 of Alone™ on The HISTORY® Network. Larry was one of ten participants selected to survive in the wilderness on their own. The contestants were allowed to choose ten special items to help with shelter, water, fire, and food. Among Larrys ten items that he chose to take was the L.T. Wright Handcrafted Knives Genesis with a Scandi grind. He used it daily while on the island. Larry was the runner-up as he ended up staying on the island for 64 days.

The Larry Roberts Signature Edition Genesis is meant to celebrate his accomplishment. Larry exhibited his proficiency in and knowledge of survival skills. He carved spoons, made traps, fashioned a spear, and countless other projects. Larry also showed his fortitude, strength, and determination.

"I have tried many knives over the years on my quest for the ‘perfect knife’ and after using the Genesis I believed I had found it. I then took my Genesis to Vancouver Island and relied on it for 64 days. I stropped my knife on my belt for my entire journey and it stayed razor sharp. I pried shellfish off rocks, got it wet in saltwater, batonned with it, and processed game with it. I tested this knife in a very harsh environment. The blade was easy to hone, didn't rust, is comfortable to use, and the blade profile lends itself well to many different tasks. The Genesis is the best bushcraft knife I have ever used, period."

-- Larry Roberts

The Larry Roberts Signature Edition Genesis has the same specifications as the original. It is nine inches overall with a 4.25" sharpened edge in .125" A2 steel. This knife was designed for bushcraft use. It has the broomstick handle, thumb scallops, and sharpened spine for striking a fire steel rod. The Larry Roberts Signature Edition Genesis features black Micarta handle scales with white liners. The steel stamp on the blade is a mouse to commemorate Larry’s memorable battles with the rodents of Vancouver Island. This knife will come with a black leather sheath with a dangler and fire steel loop. The dangler can be removed so the knife can be caried in the "high ride" position if desired.


Blade Length:
4.25 in.
Blade Steel:
A2 Tool Steel
Blade Thickness:
.125 in.
Blade Type:
Spear Point
Handle Material:
Black Canvas Micarta
Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
Knife Weight:
7.9 oz
Overall Length:
9 in.
57-59 HRC
Full Exposed

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