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LT Wright Knives Next Gen - AEB-L Stainless Steel - Convex Grind - Double Red Micarta - White Liners - Matte Finish

Lifetime Against Defects
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The LT Wright Next Gen has been out for some time and has become quite popular. Now, due to demand by those wanting a thinner blade, the Next Gen is available in 3/32" AEB-L stainless steel. It also features a convex grind. This combination allows the Next Gen to be lighter in weight while still being very tough and able to hold a great edge. Prototype testing has proven all of these attributes to be true plus you get the added benefit of stainless steel.

The Next Gen is is a quick handling knife at 7 1/2 inches overall and a blade length of 3 inches. This is the knife you want with you all of the time. Whether it's kitchen duty time at the camp out, game prepping time in the field, or an unexpected survival situation, the Next Gen will perform. And it will keep on performing for you for years to come with its robust build featuring Micarta scales (on standard models) and chemical and mechanical joining of the scales to the steel. The Next Gen comes with the useful thumb scallops too. This makes fine, up close cutting more controlled but still keeps your fingers away from the steel, an excellent feature on any bushcraft knife. The convex grind is great for a thinner blade as it provides for a strong blade even though it is made of thinner stock. The Next Gen will make an exceptional camp knife and your new favorite "go to" knife. As with all of the LT Wright knives, the Next Gen comes with a lifetime guarantee. Order yours today and you'll have a companion that will never let you down.

A heavy duty leather pouch style belt sheath is included.

Please Note: The "L" stamped on the right side of the blade denotes that the steel is AEB-L

About AEB-L Stainless Steel

AEB-L steel is a steel developed by Uddeholm in Sweden for razor blades years ago and has now become very popular with knife makers. It is often a misunderstood steel in that it needs to be heat treated correctly to bring out its best characteristics and when done correctly, it performs on par with the new so called "super steels" at a much lower cost.

Many times you will hear people state that AEB-L steel is similar to 440B or 440A. The only similarities shared by AEB-L and 440B or 440A is the carbon content. Because of the fact that AEB-L has only 13% chromium by weight compared to 16-17% in 440A and 440B, the steels are quite a bit different. A stainless 52100 steel would compare more to AEB-L than to 440A or 440B.

AEB-L naturally forms what is called a K2 carbide which is the harder of the two chromium carbides of which K1 is the other. The K1 carbide is formed in steels such as 440C. The K2 carbide is about 79 on the Rockwell C scale as compared to 72 for the K1 carbide. The key for AEB-L steel is the heat treat. With proper heat treating, AEB-L produces fine, evenly distributed K2 carbides. AEB-L steel lands almost exactly on what is called the "Carbon Saturation Line". This means that all of the carbides formed are precipitated carbides, not primary carbides like form in 440C plus there is more carbon and a similar amount of chromium in solution as compared to 440C. Primary carbides are very large. So when you combine the proper heat treatment with its balanced composition, AEB-L has excellent toughness, edge retention, workability, ease of sharpening, and ease of polishing.


Blade Length:
3 in.
Blade Steel:
AEB-L Stainless
Blade Thickness:
.093 in.
Blade Type:
Spear Point
Handle Material:
Double Red Micarta
Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
Knife Weight:
4.3 oz
Overall Length:
7.5 in.
57-59 HRC
Full Exposed

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