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TKC: ESEE 6 Kydex Sheath w/ Slide Lock and Leather Backer, Gunmetal Grey

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Purchase an affordable yet quality Kydex sheath rig for your ESEE 6 knife. We have partenered with LT Wright Handcrafted Knives, to bring you a Kydex sheath and accessories setup, to expand your carry options. Each sheath is hand made and features LT Wright's Slide Lock securing system. Both ESEE 6 Stock handles as well as TKC G10 handles snap crisply into the sheath. The sheath opening is flared making it easier to insert your knife.

This sheath is designed to be versatile, and is able to be used in high-ride or low-ride positions with the included leather drop loop, simply by changing the position of the screws. Also designed to be compatible with many accessories including:

Add our Kydex Firesteel loop to be able to attach a Firesteel to the sheath.

Many customers have requested kydex sheaths for the ESEE 6 knife, and we are pleased to be able to now offer these products.



Kydex / Leather
Unique Features:
Leather Drop Loop

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  • Review from Dennis Lowe

    Dennis Lowe

    This is my 3rd purchase from TKC, as always easy ordering and quick delivery. I ordered this sheath for my ESEE 6 fitted with Earth Camo G10 scales from TKC which are a perfect fit. As received the sheath left a little to be desired. I had to remove the slide lock to insert the knife as simply loosening the screw left very little thread engagement. I ended up removing 1 rubber washer. A slightly longer screw would alleviate the problem and allow for better adjustment of the lock. On my sheath I'm not convinced the slide lock is even needed as retention is very good without it. The knife does fit very well in the sheath.
    The leather back seems of good quality leather and is well finished and fits the sheath well.
    There doesn't appear to be an attempt to finish the edges of the Kydex as they were very rough and even semi-sharp. The edges of both flares at the sheath opening were even much sharper. I sanded and buffed all edges to smooth and round them out.
    I gave this sheath 4 stars for the price point. Would I purchase again, maybe,??? It is better than the factory supplied sheath. The leather backer is a plus!

    Thank you for your review. The suggestions regarding retention, smooth edges, and flare sharpness are things that we are planning to refine.
    - TKC

  • Review from Brian


    This sheath is what Esee should ship with the knife from the factory. The sheath that comes standard is far below the quality of the knife itself...this aftermarket model by TKC is just the ticket, and it is certainly worth the money.

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