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TKC G10 Handle for ESEE Laser Strike - Blaze Orange

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Our ESEE Laser Strike G10 Handle kit is designed for comfortable field use. We designed them with your hand in mind and how you use your Laser Strike. The ESEE Laser Strike G10 Handle features thumb and finger pinch grooves on the front of the handle for better control when doing side cuts and more delicate work. The contoured shape with the palm swell allow the knife to "hug your hand" which provides for a more secure grip and comfort. The bow drill divot will allow you to start a fire using a fire bow drill. This can be extremely important in an emergency situation. The inside of the ESEE Laser Strike G10 Handle is hollowed out for survival items and can accommodate 2 ESEE Knives Arrowheads.

The light textured finish provides excellent grip in slippery use situations, and cleans up easily.

Basic instructions and mounting hardware are included.

This handle will work with all Rowen made Laser Strike knives and sheaths.



Handle Length:
4 15/16 in. (12.54 cm)
Handle Material:
Handle Weight:
1.2 oz
Unique Features:
Thumb Scallops, Storage Compartment, Bow Drill Divot

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  • Review from Huge improvement over the stock scales!

    Huge improvement over the stock scales!

    Okay, probably most folks reading this know that TKC scales are an improvement over stock. I'd say that's especially true for ESEE scales which tend to just be flat slabs or micarta. Honestly as ESEE scales go the Laser Strike isn't too bag. True it's flat but still reasonably ergonomic. But the G10 scales from TKC are still a huge improvement! First off they have a much more ergonomic shape with a superior palm swell that fits the hand better. Next they have that amazing micro-texturing that is at once grippy and tacky in the hand but not sticky if that make sense.

    The only minor area where I feel they could be slightly improved is that they could be a smidge thinner to suit me. They're not fat/thick though. And just speaking for myself I would rather have regular hex/Torq screws. I get that it's supposed to be easy to open in the field to get at the first stuff but I would have rather had three screws and no storage slot. But TKC is just working with the knife the way ESEE/Rowan makes them so I understand.

    I give these scales a big thumbs up! Highly recommended and greatly superior to the stock micarta.

  • Review from Gordon L.

    Gordon L.

    I really like TKC's G10 ESEE grips...so much so as a matter of fact, all of my numerous ESEE knives have them. Dale and his crew are great. The Blaze Orange Laser Strike grips are just the latest of many (and certainly not the last) sets of awesome grips that adorn my collection, Thanks Dale and team!

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