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TKC Wood Handle 5/16" Ferrocerium Rod Firesteel Fire Starter w/ Striker

List price: $20.00
You save $12.05


  • 5/16" (8mm) Rod
  • Throws Exceptional Sparks
  • Customizable Wood Handle
  • 4.75" (12cm) Overall Length
  • Sturdy Included Striker

This is simply the best Wood Handle Ferro Rod for your dollar. May be used in a 3/8" ferro rod holder with the use of bungee/shock cord. The rod material is on the softer side, and creates sparks that sizzle for an exceptional amount of time before going out. Starting fires is very easy with this Ferrocerium Rod, and we highly recommend it. The wood handle is comfortable, and can be customized if you wish with coloring or engraving. The included striker is sturdy and actually works well, which is not always the case for ferro rods in this price range. As is always the case, using the sharpened spine of your knife will give even better results. We've thrown sparks from this rod at least 20 feet before they burned out.

Please note: The color texture and grain pattern on natural handle materials will vary.


Overall Length:
4.5 in. (Rod - 3.25 in.)

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