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TOPS Knives Frog Market Special - Tan Canvas Micarta Handle

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The TOPS Knives Frog Market Special is a unique blade, especially for TOPS Knives. With a thickness of only 1/16th of an inch, this knife has the thinnest blade they have offered thus far.

The Frog Market Special is produced with 1095 Carbon Steel and has Tan Canvas Micarta handle scales. It features their famous Black River Wash that is one of the most popular finishes they have ever offered. The wide heel of the blade allows for deep, shearing cuts. The steep curve up to the edge slices great. When you use the knife, you'll notice it has an ergonomic handle that is very comfortable and easy to maneuver. The thinner blade allows for clean, smooth cuts and gives the blade some added flexibility. The tip is ideal for boning meats like beef, chicken and pork. While the Frog Market Special is great in the kitchen, you'll find a thousand-and-one uses for it while camping, fishing, and hunting as well.

Steven Dick (who is an editor with Tactical Knives) refined this design based on what he saw on a trip to Hanoi, Vietnam. He saw butchers and fish vendors using knives with a shape he'd never seen before. They were able to prepare a variety of meats easily using their unique blades. Although the inspiration for the Frog Market Special comes from the markets of Vietnam, the Frog Market Special is manufactured and hand-finished in Idaho, USA.

* Please note that the "Black River Wash" process creates a unique look to each knife. Your knife's pattern may vary from the product image. The carbon content of the steel can also cause variations in the engraving.


Blade Finish:
Black River Wash
Blade Length:
5.25 in.
Blade Steel:
1095 Carbon
Blade Thickness:
.062 in.
Handle Material:
Tan Canvas Micarta
Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
Knife Weight:
3.5 oz
Overall Length:
9.5 in.
56-58 HRC
Weight With Sheath:
7 oz

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