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TOPS Knives Vi Ax 01 (Viking Ax) - Black Linen Micarta Handle

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The TOPS Knives VI Ax (short for Viking Ax) was designed by Leo Espinoza. While it has some similarities to actual Viking axes, Leo added his own touch to the design and it became something very different.

It is built from one solid slab of 5/16” 1075 instead of the usual 1095. This was to provide better impact resistance with only slightly less edge retention. Its large 5.25" blade will chop through just about anything you put in front of it. The spike on the back is double-edged to provide maximum damage (2.18" on the top side, 1.88" on the bottom). The long handle with grippy Black Linen Micarta gives great reach and power with every chop. A high quality black leather sheath is included with two snaps to secure the ax in the sheath. The sheath was designed simply as a blade cover, not as a belt sheath (for safety reasons). There are small loops on the back that can be used to secure it to a pack or other MOLLE gear.

Take this with you on your next camping trip, put it in your bug-out-bag (if it's large enough for this), or leave it in your vehicle for easy access. The Vi Ax will come in more than handy when the time comes.


Blade Finish:
Black Traction Coating
Blade Steel:
1075 Carbon
Blade Thickness:
.310 in.
Handle Material:
Black Linen Micarta
Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
Knife Weight:
39 oz
Overall Length:
15.25 in.
Weight With Sheath:
44.5 oz

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