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TOPS Knives El Chete - Green Over Black Canvas Micarta Handle - Rotating Metal Clip Sheath

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The TOPS El Chete was designed with one goal in mind... serious chopping. Featuring a .250" thick blade that is 12" long, it will do that and more very well. Even though it's a large knife, it still weighs less than 2 pounds.

The El Chete is the first TOPS knife to be produced with their new finish called Acid Rain. Because of the process that is used, the finish pattern varies slightly from knife to knife so that each owner gets something unique. TOPS Knives wanted the handles to be thick enough to fill the user's hand like a small ax or hatchet handle would so they decided to "sandwich" Micarta pieces. The handle is well shaped for comfort and to firmly "lock" in the hand. The black canvas Micarta underneath the green canvas Micarta adds even more to the aesthetics of this well designed knife.

The Kydex sheath is an out-the-front design with all the "bells and whistles". You just pull up slightly then forward so that you don't have to work to pull the knife all the way vertically through the sheath. There is a snap strap that when fastened into place, helps greatly with the retention of the knife. The sheath features a rotating clip attachment.

If you're looking for a large knife, the El Chete will "fit the bill".

Note: The process used to create the Acid Rain finish produces a unique look on each blade. No two knives with this finish will look exactly alike.


Blade Finish:
Acid Rain
Blade Length:
12 in.
Blade Steel:
1095 Carbon
Blade Thickness:
.250 in.
Handle Material:
Green & Black Canvas Micarta
Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
Knife Weight:
29.5 oz
Overall Length:
17.5 in.
56-58 HRC
Weight With Sheath:
37.5 oz

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