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TOPS Knives, TPWSG4 Wilderness Guide 4.0 Fixed Blade Bushcraft Knife w/ Tan Canvas Micarta Handle

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Click here for an excellent detailed review of this knife by Brian Griffin.


The Wilderness is commonly though of as a place of great healing and inspiration. By definition it is a wild and uncultivated region such as a forest or desert, uninhabited or inhabited by wild animals; the most natural areas left on the planet without roads or industrial infrastructure.

The Wilderness Guide 4.0 is a knife begging for a challenge! Whether you going into the remote wilderness on an expedition, planning a wilderness weekend, or just shaking free of the world at large, this is the perfect knife to accompany you. Surviving in wild, untamed awe-inspiring locations, heightens the senses and rejuvenates the body.

The forces of nature can be brutal, and you must be prepared to face real-life situations. Self reliant living in these conditions can be fulfilling, where your positive attitude becomes a part of everyday existence.


Designed by Leo Espinoza, the Wilderness Guide Knife 4.0 is the result of long thought and substantial input from professional Outdoorsmen. With some 16 million backpackers just in the USA, plus Campers, Hunters, Hikers, Mountain Bikers, Trekkers, Sea Kayakers, Climbers, and Survivalists, TOPS realized that no one knife could serve all purposes. Therefore, the Wilderness Guide Knife was designed to be highly functional. The blade features 1/8" thick, easy to sharpen 1095 High Carbon alloy steel, that is coated with TOPS proprietary Black Traction Coating Epoxy Polyester formulation and baked. This coating assures that the blade will be protected, even for those who go beyond the edge. 1095 steel, which has been used for many years by the best knife and toolmakers, is actually used to cut others steels, and is frequently used to cut the new "Miracle Steels". To perfect an already supurb steel, TOPS zone temperes and cryogenically treats their blades to ensure maximum edge holding and durability.

The Wilderness Guide 4.0 has an exceptionally wide blade (1 1/2") with a blade length of 4 1/2", and generally suits a wide variety of outdoor requirements. Leo Espinoza truly has designed a very functional handle that fits the hand well with excellent traction. Featuring a slight recurve at the back, this knife will ensure a secure grip in wet conditions.


  • USA Made Emergency Whistle (126 db)
  • Dog Tag Size Signal Mirror (High Density Acrylic)
  • Steel Snap Link 3/16" X 2"
  • Fresnel Lens
  • Trail Marking Tape 12' (Fluorescent Orange)
  • Liquid Filled Compass

Each TOPS blade is carefully constructed from the finest, most time tested materials in order to offer the user unbeatable quality at an affordable price. The Wilderness Guide Knife is a fantastic tool for any Outdoor Guide, Backpacker, Outdoorsman, Camper, or "Seeker of Solitude" to add to their gear or "bug out" bag.


Blade Finish:
Black Traction Coated
Blade Length:
4 1/4 in. (10.79 cm)
Blade Steel:
1095 Carbon
Blade Thickness:
1/8 in. (3.17 mm)
Handle Material:
Tan Canvas Micarta
Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
Knife Weight:
6.5 oz
Overall Length:
8 3/4 in. (22.22 cm)
56-58 HRC

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