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DPx Gear: HEST II Safari Limited Edition, Fixed Blade Knife with Brazilian Santos Hardwood Handle Scales

Lifetime Against Defects
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The Niolox steel low profile version of the DPx H-E-S-T Original survival tool now comes in a limited run of an all new configuration, the H-E-S-T II Safari Edition.

The H-E-S-T knife/tool will serve you well in outdoor situations as a light multipurpose wood crafting, field dressing, skinning, trimming and even shaving blade. The H-E-S-T knife/tool is also a very handy everyday carry knife with its bottle opener, pry bar and durable cutting edge.

The H-E-S-T features unusually thick steel (which is comparable in thickness to blades of 12" or more) and a razor sharp cutting edge. It is designed with a precise blade length to allow maximum force and control during use. The balance is superb and it will feel natural in your hand.

The notch at the base of the blade acts as the choil allowing you to keep a sharp cutting edge the full length of the blade. Careful alignment of the choil and the opener also provides two very stable lashing points for an improvised longer spear handle, axe or dead drop trap.

There is a bottle opener (small pry tab) on the top of the H-E-S-T. The .190" thick top area ahead of the bottle opener/pry tab allows you to hammer the blade through thick wood, creating a durable axe type tool.

The pry bar/scraper tool can be struck with a hammer or rock to split or open something. It can also be used to open stuck objects, pull wood staples and for a multitude of other purposes. The pry bar tip can be sharpened when it gets dull.

The handle scales are hollowed out on the inside to provide a secret/emergency storage area for things like emergency "get out of jail" money, snare wire, fishing line, fish hooks, band aids or other things that you want to have readily available. The scales are held in place with stanless steel screws which can quickly be removed to open or remove the grips. The storage area is not waterproof, but can be made so by adding a bead of silicon on each side before reassembling.

The H-E-S-T knife/tool is designed to be used with the skeletonized handle if one wishes to do so. This is very beneficial when a person needs a flat profile for concealment purposes and when carrying it as a neck knife. Of course the handle can be wrapped with paracord or leather strips. The lashing holes on the front and back of the handle can be used to start and end your paracord or leather wrap.

The H-E-S-T II Safari LE comes with a handmade Italian leather sheath with a top flap cover.

The H-E-S-T knife carries a lifetime guarantee just like all other DPX Gear knives. If for any reason your knife breaks or fails, return it with your purchase information and address and a new one will be shipped.


Blade Finish:
Black Satin TiCN PVD
Blade Length:
3.15 in.
Blade Steel:
Lohmann Niolox Stainless
Blade Thickness:
.190 in.
Blade Type:
Drop Point
Handle Material:
Brazilian Santos Wood
Knife Style:
Fixed Blade
Knife Weight:
4.2 oz
Overall Length:
7.63 in.
61 HRC
Unique Features:
Limited Edition

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